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Let's take a walk together down a path of spiritual healing. Where you learn to reconnect to your soul's gifts, wisdom, joy, unlimited power and potential. Let's take your first step with a name reading.

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Take a journey with us at Greenleaf Healing, as we lead you towards spiritual awareness and self healing through our interactive digital coaching program. Carolyn Greenleaf, brings to you her 20 years of education and training within the fields of metaphysics, spirituality, indigenous and energetic healing through the art of Energetic Healing, Holistic Therapies, Courses, Guided Meditations and more. 


The goal of these services and sessions and is to help individuals achieve fulfilling lives through gaining a deeper understanding and connection with their authentic selves. This helps utilize new insights, paths and better direction that will bring a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.


Take one of Carolyn's interactive and highly-intuitively guided courses and be on your way to unlocking the magic of your tomorrow. Re-Entering Eden is a profound way to return to your sense of peace. wholeness and abundance.

Holistic Products

The body is designed to heal itself. Greenleaf Healing honors the whole you, and offers various products and health  devices to facilitate your wellbeing on multiple levels. It's time to enjoy life, simply and happily with empowered and informed choices. Your body will thank you for it. 

Meet Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Carolyn Greenleaf is a Transformational Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Teacher, Speaker & Author who helps individuals achieve deeper understanding and connection with their authentic self. Carolyn’s methods help individuals move forward in their lives, realize new insights, discover their purpose, reach goals, obtain their dreams, and access a state of peace, joy, and wholeness.

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Learn The True Meaning Of Your Name

Carolyn is highly intuitive and has the ability to read all energies. This gift is rare and with it she can decipher the true meaning and spirit of your name.

Re-Entering Eden Courses

Return to your sense of peace. wholeness and abundance with Carolyn Greenleaf as she guides youth reconnect to your authentic self. 


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Carolyn can assist you with your spiritual reconnection and growth through her many years of practice and expertise. Schedule your session today! 


Holistic Health Therapies

If you are seeking alternative methods to mainstream health options, then may want to try these products that assist your body in naturally healing itself.


Read Carolyn's Book, Re-Entering Eden

A reunion with ones true self requires the embodiment of the Soul where conscious wisdom empowers the self and influences choice once again. This book begins in the paradise where humanities roots formed to reveal unknown secrets that led to their fall from grace, and clues that guide them back to their original truths, opening the gate to reclaim their innocence and divine power.

"I have learned so much from Carolyn. I have more direction in my life and finally see me greater purpose. She is truly a gifted teacher and a wonderful counselor!"

Lauren A. from Illinois

"Carolyn has helped me with her meditation classes to begin the process of overcoming anxiety and to work on my self confidence issues. Her book has inspired me to read again. I can’t say enough about Carolyn what a beautiful soul she has. Her CD is amazing. I listen to it every night before I go to bed. It really helps me clear my mind and sleep well. Highly recommend the book and CD as well as classes."

Julie K. from Illinois

"I would recommend Carolyn Greenleaf to anyone who is ready and willing to make changes in their life. She’s very knowledgeable, patient, caring and extremely insightful."

Donna C. from North Carolina

"Thank you Carolyn for showing me a whole new way to see my life and solve my problems! I continue to grow my confidence and inner strength thanks to your teachings and coaching. You are my Guru!"

Maggie D. from Illinois

"Wow! My experience with Carolyn Greenleafs Shamanic Journey class was amazing!I learned so much about myself and grew my curiosity to learn more! Thank you Carolyn!"

Joan W. from Illinois

"Carolyn’s teachings and writings have inspired me to get out into the world and do things I never dreamed I could or would. My outlook on life has done a complete turnaround. In gratitude "

Jim D. from Illinois

Greenleaf Wisdoms

Shift your perspective, find some magic and connect with us through our spiritual journey and ascension happenings.

Leaving the Matrix

Transitioning Cycles

WAKING UP! Podcast

Conscious Discussions about our Changing Reality

Join Carolyn Greenleaf and her guests as she discusses our changing reality. We are moving into new territory, with exciting possibilities and amazing technologies that will support our growth and wellbeing.



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Meet and fall in love with Carolyn Greenleaf as she takes you on a guided 20-minute meditation. This spiritual journey will help you find and listen to your inner voice. 

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